fansubbing is a serious business – NOT

May 17th, 2009 4:05 am

We are moving forward with Lupin vs Conan fansub.  In fact, it’s really close to getting done.  But doing a joint project without effective communication is really hard.  This was a lesson learned the very hard way.  I really should have known.  I should have been more careful about it.  We could have prevented some amount of delay with more careful communications.  So, I spent some non-productive time on Lupin today.

Other productive stuff included finishing off the karaoke for Candy Boy; installing WordPress 2.8 beta on the test-copy of this site (the changes I’ve seen so far are pretty cool); and finally finished setting up cron jobs for web site.  The cron jobs are grabbing the XDCC bots’ pack lists.  Now that the crons are properly set up, I’ll be releasing the new version of the bot listing soon.  I’ll write more about it when I finish releasing it.

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