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Nothing major to rant about

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I have such an uneventful life coupled with happy-in-general character, I cannot find all that many things to rant about.  There are minor stuff, like how World Series is going, or how people are still asking when the next episode is coming, or if some show is dropped, or how my dentist visit made my iPhone dirty…

So, what the heck, here’s a little bit of what’s going on in Sylf’s life lately.

Last night, I finished translation of 57th episode of Black Jack.  4 more episodes left on that series.  I’m going to be lost as to how to fill that void after that.  Do I dare pick up another Tezuka series?  Or do I pick up another old series?  Or pick up mini series or OVA?  I really haven’t decided.  For each of those categories, I have at least 1 title.  Then, there’s the other option – be lazy and do nothing.  I really don’t know what I’ll end up doing.

Episode 57 was mostly easy to work on, except for the brief moment when her health condition deteriorates.  Things can get ugly pretty fast, and all kinds of big medical terms starts to come out of BJ’s mouth for the reasons…  you know why.  (If you don’t go back and watch episode 44 again.)  With help of online dictionaries (my 2 choices being Yahoo JP and Space Alc), Google, and Wikipedia, and with the closed captions from the DVD, looking up the terms in itself isn’t too difficult.  But with these terms that I’ve never even heard of, who knows if I used them in the way that actually make sense…  >_<

And a bit of a story about dentist and iPhone.  Perhaps this happens more often than I imagine.  I come out of dentist with very numb lips.  They were very behind their schedule, and it was toward the end of lunch hour by the time I was freed.  (Now you see where this is going.)  Since I needed to get back to work, I made a quick stop at a fast food place, and ate while driving.  Not realizing I was spilling some food into the chest pocket, where I had my phone.  It was a little gross when I got my phone out of the pocket after I reached my desk, but I had no idea what happened, until I reached deeper into the pocket and found a tiny piece of lettuce covered in mayonnaise.  *sigh*

The good thing is, with such paranoia coming from the seasonal flu and swine flu, the office building has abundance of alcohol-based hand cleaners. Cleaning the phone was pretty easy, thanks to the crazy flu season.

It’s funny how all these totally unrelated things come in to play together.

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