Day 17 – Adventure World

July 10th, 2009 10:07 am

I was expecting that the trip to Adventure World was going to be one of the highlights of this trip to Japan.  And it turned out to be true.

It’s an aquarium, a zoo and a theme park combined into one.  The whole park is not too huge.  It’s not much work to walk from one end of the park to the other end.  They still packed so much into the whole place.  Admission is not cheap (3800 yen for adults), and the rides aren’t cheap either (price varies – the big roller coaster is 600 yen, the giant Ferris wheel is 500 yen, etc).  There are still plenty of entertainment you can enjoy just with the general admission.

I saw more junior-high- and high-school students at Hiroshima Peace Park, but this place was filled more with younger kids.  It’s really a perfect place for a family.

We left the park at about 3:30.  We were pretty exhausted by then.  My daughter and I still ventured out to Osaka Hard Rock Cafe on our way home though.  And there, I finally convinced my daughter to get her own HRC T-shirt.


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