Getting back on track

July 23rd, 2009 9:07 am

What have I been up to since the trip?  The biggest thing is recovering from the jet lag.  One thing that has not helped me: Dragon Quest IX.

2 days before I left Japan was the day DQ9 went on sale in Japan.  I’ve been a long time DQ fan, ever since the very first one in Japan.  So, I decided to buy this game (thank goodness, this Japanese game plays just fine on US DSi) and started playing.  So far, the game is pretty good.

The problem is, it’s so easy to pick the game up and start playing any time, anywhere.  So, when I wake up at 2AM because of jet lag, and when I can’t get back to sleep, I started playing…  and I’d be dead the next later same day.  I finally is back to normal though.  My productivity should be back to normal, hopefully.

Now, for the fansub fans – I did handle some translation tasks.  I did Candy Boy EX2 while in Japan.  It’s now in final stages (release candidate).  Ippo 25’s been translated, as well as K-On” 13.  Ippo 26 is half-way done.  After all those are done, I’ll start catching up with other work, such as handling TL questions for Black Jack, Mahoutsukai, Gosenzo, etc…  Then I’ll start whipping the team around to get Lupin done.  After that… I don’t know.  I thought I’d have Nodame Finale this fall, but that’s been delayed to this Winter.  All of sudden, I have 5 months of free time.  Maybe I’ll start playing Pangya again.


  • kaede says:


    Welcome back :)
    I’m writing because I’d like to ask what about Mouryou no Hako. Earlier you mentioned in one of your post that you’ll be doing the BR version of it. Is it still in the project list or somewhere along the way you decided to drop it? I don’t intend in no way to harass you because of it, I’m just asking because I’m curious. It’s one of those shows, which are way too underrated and deserve more attention. I’m even more interested because it happens to be one of the most awaited anime I’d like to see subbed by a nice group like yours.
    Thanks in advance for your reply!
    Best regards,

  • kaede says:

    Thanks & I hope for the best.

  • Roby says:

    Sylf, any status on Nodame Paris 06-11? Or it will be released with the OVA in August? I really-really look forward for nodame… :((

  • Rin says:

    I saw no mention of Yurumates, are you not the translator for that project?

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