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Closing another project

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

When a fansub project slows down, it’s difficult to regain momentum.  Spice & Wolf is a big exception.  Nodame Paris is a typical example.  The feeling of “another day of delay won’t hurt” drags on and on, along with “even if I don’t do it, someone else will” or “I’m not the only one who’s holding up the project.”  It creates a terrible cycle.  It was a difficult one to finish in that sense, but it’s all done.  For now.

Now I must go finish two more nagging projects.

Lupin vs Conan is another one of those.  About 3 weeks ago, someone in the team (thanks, TheDeath) bought the Blu-Ray for the show.  It’s been ripped, and now we just need to refit the current subtitle to this new clip.  And it’s been stuck at this stage for 3 weeks.

Black Jack has a brighter outlook.  It’s still slow, but at least it has a visible progress overall.  It probably won’t take 3 months before the next release.

Now, let me get back to work…

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