Lupin vs Conan – finally released

October 11th, 2009 12:10 pm

It took six and a half months to get here.  Translation was done on March 29th – 2 days after it was aired.  I thought it might take three months.  It probably was possible to release it faster.  But bad lucks after bad lucks…  and here we are.

So, what about the show itself?  Overall, it’s an enjoyable show.  It was pretty well made.  Perhaps they spent way too much energy on this show, and maybe that’s why they didn’t make the Lupin annual summer TV special.  Who knows?  At first, I thought there just wasn’t enough Lupin appearance overall.  But that really isn’t the case.  I think he gets as much screen time as Conan.  Because they had to split much of the screen time between them, everyone’s favorite series (whether it be Lupin or Conan) got less time allotted, and that might lead to initial dissatisfaction.  I still enjoy watching it after umpteenth views I’ve had (I’ve long lost my counts… at least 20-30 times).  That’s a good sign.

My favorite piece of this show is Mouri Kogorou’s speach.  Actually, it’s Lupin disguising as Kogorou, and Conan voicing over him.  That was a sheer beauty.  The interplay between Kurita Kanichi (Lupin’s VA) and Kamiya Akira (Kogorou’s VA) is a work of an art.  I don’t think it was conveyed perfectly well through the translation.  But how Kamiya able to talk like Lupin, and Kurita able to talk like Kogorou… it’s simply awesome.

I suppose this would be the closest thing I’ll see to Lupin and City Hunter co-starring a show.

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