23 projects…

October 3rd, 2009 1:10 am

As Frostii continued to pick up projects, chug through all the episodes, drop projects, complete projects, and plan more future projects, I’ve felt more and more need for a projects page for frostii.com.  So I made one.  Only then did I realize that we have flippin’ lots of projects already!  And we’ve only been active for 9 months!

  • 3 projects planned for future
  • 8 active projects
  • 3 dropped projects
  • 9 completed projects

For now, I forgot to add 2  projects.  Yoshimune – dropped; and Nanami – on hold.

But still, that’s quite a few.  And I’ve been involved in 14 of those projects as a translator.  (It’s really not fair to count Uraon as a separate project, but we’ll let that slide.)

Speaking of the enhancements made to the site, I have two more semi-urgent updates I want to make.

      • Add a horizontal site menu under “frostii” logo – the side bar menu is getting too long any more.
      • Fix the side bar menu that breaks when viewing the site with Firefox’s AutoPager add-on.


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