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Translation – it’s all in the context

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

First, some off-topic stuff:  I was just updating this page today – Frostii’s project list.  It’s quickly getting big and out of hand.  I knew it was going to be like this eventually.  But it happened sooner than I expected.  It’s about time that I write another WordPress plug-in to make this easier.  Also, something struck me – we have almost as many current projects (12) as completed projects (13).  No wonder it feels like I’m working on releases all the time.  It’s not a bad feeling.

Back to the real topic:


I’ve received some questions from fellow members, as well as trolls from other people, regarding the 8th sample shot on this Ji-Hi site.  Frostii’s translation is clearly different from the other two.  Translating it “private power generator” might seem too literal.  One dictionary actually lists BSS’s translation – “masturbation.”  It seems fitting.  Clover’s “self pleasure” is along the same line of meaning.  So, what is wrong with this seemingly correct translation?  It even sounds good in the context – Nodame is getting her pleasure by sniffing on Chiaki’s shirt.  It’s not too sexual, but it’s kinda like masturbation.

The answer is in Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter, episode 5 @ 4:33.  There may be other reference like this too.  The point is, Nodame runs on Chiaki energy, just like computer runs on electric energy.  So, in that old episode, Nodame was recharging on Chiaki power before he left for a concert tour.  This time, she’s generating that Chiaki energy using his shirt as the fuel source.  It sure accentuates Nodame’s eccentricity.  And that’s what makes this show fun!

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