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Translation Log #726

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Done with another translation tonight-Black Jack episode 52. For those people who’s following the Black Jack releases will recognize that it’s pretty far ahead of the current release. Yes, it does mean that 6 episodes are now in work. Two of them are nearing their releases.

Speaking of stuff to be released soon, some massive number of Charady is getting ready, as well as the next episode of PASTA! …er, I mean, Ristorante Paradiso.

I had something else that was exciting today-I got the first comment in this blog! The bad news-it was a spam. Damn.

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New XDCC listing

Monday, May 18th, 2009

So, I finished the implementation of the code.  You can see the finished product here.

I borrowed several things from XDCC Parser.  The biggest thing I borrowed was the list parsing regular expressions code and the surrounding data caching code. They did some smart stuff there.  Other things I borrowed include the styling inspiration, and the whole concept.  I started there, then built the rest pretty quickly.  Iu already fixed one inefficiency in the search stuff.  Code review is always good to have.

The part that I dreaded the most was the stuff I wrote about yesterday—setting up the cron properly.  Each bots are set up somewhat uniquely.  So the cron entries consists of combination of scp and wget.  I’m just too lazy to read the man pages for these things normally.  But it does feel good to have these things finally set up.

Then I had some time to watch couple episodes of Cross Play.  So far, the show is pretty fun.  Kudos to ANBU for the good works so far.

That was the good part of the day.

Lupin vs Conan had some more drama.  All I want is to get this out to people soon.  I don’t need any of this drama.  So some of us decided to really chase away all the fat, get back to the basics, and really re-align the project members again.  It still is creating some minor set backs.  But hopefully, it will be released in the near future.  Stay tuned.

Looking in to the future—Frostii is already looking in to some future projects.  Dogs and Yurumates have completely diffirent look.  They were suggested by Jarin, so she can do couple side projects.  I won’t be involved much in them.  Then there is the theatrical release of Major.  I’ve been asked to translate it.  It should be fun.  But, man, I’m pretty crazy, translating so many movie length stuff.  Then there is Nodame OVA.  But this one is for much, much later down the road – late in August.  I’m not even sure what else I’ll be doing by then.

And finally—this blog is now running on WordPress 2.8 beta.  Fun.

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fansubbing is a serious business – NOT

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

We are moving forward with Lupin vs Conan fansub.  In fact, it’s really close to getting done.  But doing a joint project without effective communication is really hard.  This was a lesson learned the very hard way.  I really should have known.  I should have been more careful about it.  We could have prevented some amount of delay with more careful communications.  So, I spent some non-productive time on Lupin today.

Other productive stuff included finishing off the karaoke for Candy Boy; installing WordPress 2.8 beta on the test-copy of this site (the changes I’ve seen so far are pretty cool); and finally finished setting up cron jobs for web site.  The cron jobs are grabbing the XDCC bots’ pack lists.  Now that the crons are properly set up, I’ll be releasing the new version of the bot listing soon.  I’ll write more about it when I finish releasing it.

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Candy Boy, etc

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Earlier this week, I made a plan to drive up to Kansas City for some stuff, including see my daughter in her school talent show. But the project I was assigned to yesterday at work is not allowing me to take that trip. I stayed at work until it got outside, not from the nightfall, but from thunder storm. That’s always fun. No tornado again this time.

The rest of the evening was spent doing fansub stuff: answered translation questions for K-On and Candy Boy; applied styles to Candy Boy script, worked on karaoke for Candy Boy; and released Eden of the East.

It looks like Lupin vs Conan is pretty close to being ready for release.  I’ve been informed that the first release candidate will be ready tomorrow.  That’s a good news.  I’ve also been informed that the current translator for Sengoku Basara, ariato, is going to step down from that position.  That’s a bad news.  I hope we’ll find someone else soon, and not to drop the project.  I’m really not fond of dropping projects.  I can only hope…

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K-On! ep 7

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Day one of the rants.

I thought I’d have an easy evening of translating something quickly, followed by some relaxing time.  Hell, no.  The life never goes that well.  It all started at work earlier today.  Some big project got dropped on me.  I had to stay at work late so I could finish the tasks I was planning to finish tomorrow.  I got home around 7:30.  That usually happens by 5:30.

Then my mother dear calls me.  We talked for a while…  I ranted and ranted… while transcoding K-On raw from .ts raw to avi.  It’s good to have that process pretty well automated, so I don’t have to think much to do that.

Once I was done with that, and got dinner…  I somehow ended up reading about 16 volumes of Ippo manga.  Yeah, great way to kill the evening.

K-On! translation didn’t happen until 11:30.  Finished it at 1:00.  Now I’m dead tired, and I’m gonna have a long day tomorrow.  Way to go, me.

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Starting up

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Strating a blog is the best and worst part of having one.

It’s best, because it’s new.  It has so much potential.  For excitement.  For fun.  For so much more.

But I hate all of the works that comes with launching one.  For one thing – the skin.  I prefer to use my own skin.  But I’m not a designer.  I suck at coming up with a skin.  You wouldn’t believe how much of an agony I went through coming up with the skin for  Heck, it’s still not complete.

As usual, I’m starting with Starker skin.  It’s a very bare skin with nothing in it.  But it does have pretty good framework already built-in.  I’ll be building this site slowly.

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