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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I couldn’t do anything much this evening.  Getting home close to 10PM does that to me.  I wasn’t bar hopping.  I was working overtime again.  Unpaid.  (I’ve got to rant on that later – not the “unpaid” portion, but about why I had to work so late.) I did accomplish one thing – I purchased Japan Rail Pass in preparation for my visit to Japan.  As I will have to travel from Narita Airport to Nagoya, and back, that alone will cost me some chunk of change.  And because we have more travel plan, this rail pass will really be a good bargain, even if we spend significant amount of time just lounging at home.  Anyway.

I just found a piece of news that the release date of Release Candidate for Firefox 3.5 seem to be delayed “again.” Compare that to the impressive Release Candidate release of NetBeans that I mentioned yesterday.  This makes me apprecaite me even more how good of a job that the NetBeans project team did.  We can’t compare two projects side by side.   Different audience, different platform, different project size, etc…  But I’m sure both teams have some kind of release schedule.  But can you imagine how hard it is to meet such deadline?  Another example—when was the last time you saw Microsoft Windows being released on time compared to their initial predicted release date?  Then compare that with Ubuntu, who make their releases every six months, on the dot.  Where is that difference coming from?  Granted, Ubuntu team is mostly packaging a punch of software made by other peoplo, while Microsoft is actually writing their own code.  But still, the difference is huge.  I’m sure every major software projects have their project plans.  But keeping up with the project?  Is it really “your milage may vary” thing?

Now, a completely another topic.

I’m a lazy man.  I suffer from that fact from time to time.  When I do laundry, I’m often too lazy to check every pockets of every clothes I’m washing.  More than several times, I found my thumb drives at the bottom of the laundry machine after the wash cycle.  I’ve been damn lucky so far that all of them continued to work after they’ve been washed like that.  Then, one day almost three months ago, I found my iPod nano in the laundry machine.  Now, that was painful.  No, it didn’t work.  Then, not two weeks later, I saw a story of another man who washed his iPod Touch.  That’s got to hurt really bad.  Apparently his iPod didn’t recover either.  He bit his lip and paid to get his iPod repaired.  I bit my lip and decided to live without my iPod.  For some strange reason, I decided to plug my dead iPod again.  No, actually, my iPod.  Not dead.  Yes! It’s still alive!  So.  These tiny portable electronic device may survive laundry cycles.  But your milage may really vary.

Now I need to stop being so lazy.  Sing with me, will ya?  ♪~Please don’t say you are lazy~♪

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