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Work hard, play hard, sleep hard

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

I’ve been working hard for last two weeks.  Today was the “play hard” day.

We started our day at the zoo.  It was a rather warm day, but it was still fun.  Our local zoo just opened their brand new exhibit, tigers.  I thought the exhibit would be crazy crowded, but it was surprisingly empty.  It was a really good visit overall.  Animals were on the move more than usual, which doesn’t happen very often.  There were still plenty of lazy animals that we could find, including red panda, kangaroos, giant ant eater, etc…

Speaking of red panda, that was my other excitement of the day.  When this zoo brought penguins, I was excited too.  Yes, the penguins!  The Linux mascot!  (Yes, I know, the Linux mascot is an emperor penguin… but still, it’s penguin nonetheless.)  This time, they broat the red panda, aka firefox!  The bad part was that I could hardly see it.  I had to take the picture of it, bring it home, load the photo in Photoshop, and adjust the image to actually see the little panda.

After the zoo came the pool.  It’s so good to be living in an apartment that has its own pool.

And we rounded off the day with the two latest episodes of Black Jack.  Now I need to get ready for her usual question, when the next episode of Black Jack will be ready.  I wish I had the answer.

With all of that, plus half episode translation of K-On, I’m really tired now.  It’s time to go sleep hard.  Oyasuminasai.

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