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Threaded comments

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

I spent the past 3 hours to threaded comment enabled.  I ended up rewriting the entire comments section of the current theme, while reading the documentation on how to make it happen.  The base theme I was using, Starkers, wasn’t compatible with this yet. The author says “full 2.7 compatibility coming soon,” so maybe I won’t have to go through this pain in the future.

In the mean time, this threaded comment rewrite caused a lot of hassle on to the WYSIWYG comment editor I just installed, so I decided to disable it for now.  You can still use some of the basic HTML tags to format the comments, including bold, italics, underline, links, etc.

Now, I should go apply the same changes to the frostii site.  It’s going to be more hours of pain…

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Too many exciting news, I can't keep up

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Fiat 500 is really coming to US.  Yeah, I’m excited.  I hope Chrysler will bring that car untouched.  I want a car like Lupin’s, not Chrysler 500.

Then, I wasn’t expecting Firefox to release this latest beta.  This one is exciting too.  With this kind of version number (3.5 beta99), I suppose this would be their release candidate candidate.  Their new font support is really exciting to me.  Just like we get to have fun with fonts in our subtitles, we can now have fun with fonts on the web pages.  Ugh, this is really going to show the lack of test my creativity.

Yesterday, I got to help a guy set up the xdccparser plugin for wordpress that I whipped up a while ago.  For one thing, it’ll be fun to see someone else use it too.  Second, it made me realize I need to clean up a lot of the code in it.  Third, I need to build the admin section to that thing, so we can control the whole thing from within wordpress.  I’m hoping to make this available for download soon.

I got behind on my translation again this week. I finally submitted my latest Ippo translation this morning (translation log #733).

A post from couple of days ago generated lots of comments. The content of the comments aside, I saw some opportunities to improve the formatting of the comments section. Also, I saw an opportunity for a plug in I haven’t tried before. I just installed a WYSIWYG editor for the comments. Enjoy. Other changes I’m hoping to put includes:

  • Define a specific formatting for a block quote
  • Make the comment section threaded, including a plugin that enables replies to specific comments, like what I see on this page.

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From Coltrane to Chet

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

OMG.  There are some good jazz fans among WordPress development team.

If WordPress 2.7 was all the fireworks and freshness of John Coltrane, 2.8 is on more cooler, smoother ride, in keeping of the late jazz legend, Chet Baker, making your blogging experience more hassle free every step of the way.

That’s from the video cast that came with the release of the latest version of WordPress, codename Baker.  Yes, the last version was codenamed Coltrane.  Only now did I go back the history, and find out that all of WordPress’ codenames are after the jazz legends, like Ella (Ella Fitzgerals), Miles (Miles Davis), Mingus (Charles Mingus), etc.  It’s pretty exciting to see more jazz loving geeks out there.

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