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Day 5 – first day with nothing

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Today was the first day we got to relax without doing much.  We visited my uncle for a while, where we saw a part of first Naruto movie.  (I don’t watch Naruto, and I only found it’s the first movie after looking up the plots of all movies on wikipedia)  I think my daughter was getting bored…

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In Japan Day 4 – returning home

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Traveling from my grandmother’s to home usually is an uneventful event.  Not this time.  This trip involved two stops along the way – Ueno and Hayakawa.

For this trip, we are using Japan Rail Pass, a 21-day version of it.  We had to purchase this before we left for Japan.  We only got an exchange order back then.  We had to bring the order to Japan, and get the ticket at one of the designated train stations in Japan.  Most obviously, the train station at the airport can handle this task, but we didn’t.  My uncle came to pick us up, so we didn’t need to use it.  And we know that our last train ride from Nagoya to the airport will be expensive – we better utilize this pass then.

We wanted to do this exchange the day before, since we took couple trains to go to the museum.  We learned the hard way that we had to go to a bigger station.  That’s where the need to stop at Ueno station came to be.

And it was not all bad thing.  Right next to the ticket counter, we found Tokyo-Ueno branch of Hard Rock Cafe.  I picked 3 T-shirts there for those people who asked me for them.  If anyone else wants HRC T-shirts from Japan, I’m planning to stop by at Nagoya and/or Osaka HRC.  Let me know via comments or something.

And one last comment on HRC – even though Michael Jackson really wasn’t a hard rocker, the place still was paying tribute to him a little, by having his music video on all day.  I think his news is one of the bigger news for many people, even in Japan.

Our next stop was Hayakawa station, right next to Odawara.  There’s not much to talk about it.  We just wanted to see the station with our name on it.  It was a small place, right next to a small port for fishing boats.  We snapped a few photos here, hopped back on the bullet train, and continued our travel home.

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