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Chrome on Linux

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I’m writing this post using Chrome on Linux.  Not the CrossOver office product, which was simply a packaged version of Windows Chrome on Wine.  I missed the news a week ago that Google released Mac and Linux version of Chrome preview.  This particular copy is running on Ubuntu Jaunty running on Sun VirtualBox.  And Chrome is pretty responsive even in the virtual environment.  So, this is yet another browser I need to keep up with.

I picked up another busy work last night.  After getting excited about css based font loading, I started building my own hand writing font.  It’s pretty fun, but very time consuming.  When I get a chance, I should share how I’m doing that.  Eventually, I want to use that font on this blog.  New FireFox, Opera, and Safari users will be able to see the fun stuff.  I’ve also read that Chrome 2 supports it too.  Chrome 3 beta isn’t supporting the feature—I wonder what’s going on?

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