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More upgrades

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

I’m seeing some software updates coming up in near future, or just happened.

Opera 10 beta.  I went there, started the download… er, no. “Oops! Bandwidth limit exceeded.” error popped up when I tried the default server picked for me.  No sweat, that’s what the mirrors are for.  I might play around with it if I get any desire for it.  Afterall, there are more Opera users than IE users on this site.

Then, there is the second release candidate of NetBeans, only a week after the first RC.  That’s really getting close to the final release, and I’m pretty excited about that.

Also, WordPress released version 2.8 release candidate over the weekend.  And they said that that will become the final release version if there’s no bugs.  Now, that’s what I’d call a Release Candidate.  Compare that with some high number RC in fansub this year, like RC12  >_<

And one bummer – the latest 3.5 branch nightly build of Firefox isn’t compatible with WordPress.  Ouch.

P.S. (updated 10:10 PM)
I totally missed that Apple announced the official release of Safari 4.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it some day.

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Because it's fun. Why else?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

I got this note today.

I read your blog and noticed you promised the frostii team to do mouryou no hako. I also noticed that your schedule is quite busy and you probably don’t really want to translate MnH. This is why I contacted you. #********(channel name masked) is currently acquiring the BD for MnH and we will sub it, regardless of whether or not YOU decide to sub it. You must understand that this is our first project and we are unable to drop it. On the other hand, if frostii does this show, our group may not receive the popularity it might deserve due to a group with a higher rep – our download counts are sure to drop.

Which gives me a good chance to talk about why I torture myself so much and devote so much of my time to fansubbing.

First of all, I like anime.  I’m not crazy about anime like some people I’ve seen.

Then, J→E translation is something I’ve been doing for such a long time, it’s almost natural part of me.  My first translation attempt was around 17 years ago, first couple chapters of Record of Lodoss War.  I just wanted to share what I was reading with friends.  That desire is what got me into fansubbing.

Once I started fansubbing, I got hooked to the process of fansubbing itself.  I like working with all the anime geeks.  I like working with videos.  I like working with fonts and such.  And it gives me some excuse to build web pages and such here and there.

But, really, I wouldn’t have continued for 6+ years without all the fun people I’ve worked with.  (I have yet to meet a sigle one of them.  That should change at one point…)

Now, to respond to the guy who messaged me:

We will also go ahead with our project, regardless of your project status.  If anything, you should have advantage over us, for we know we will take a late start.  I’m trying to finish some of my shows before I pick up a new show (namely K-On, Ippo, and Black Jack).  So you have definite head start.  We want to do it because there are so may people in Frostii who are so eager to do it themselves, that they’re willing to put up with the wait.

And, on the assumption that I probably don’t want to translate MnH: yes, but no.  It’s really not the type of the show I would pick up myself.  But, since the start of Frostii, I’ve done all the stuff I wanted to do (Nodame, Black Jack, Ippo, Lupin, K-On!).  Now I want to give back to the group.  It’ll still be fun for me.  And when people tell me that it’s not an easy show to translate, I can’t turn down the challenge.

Go on, do your own thing.  We will do ours.  And, FYI, I won’t be starting my translation until I come back from Japan next month.

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