When it rains, it pours – part duex

June 16th, 2009 12:06 am

Although I picked the same title as a post from last month, this one has nothing to do with making fansubbing blunder.  It’s all about Kansas weather.  When it rains here, it literally pours.  And very strong gusts.  Around here, when we have a very sudden evening shower, it often involve some tornadic activities.  In fact, there were several tornado warnings issued in the state this evening, but nothing near my place.

What we had was just very heavy rain, and serious wind.  The news report said up to 90 miles per hour (40 meters per second) of wind gust was unofficially recorded.  That’s a hurricane level wind gust.  That’s some serious wind.

The good thing is, it comes and goes pretty quickly.  The whole thing was over in about three hours or so.

I couldn’t go anywhere in this rain, so I did couple things at home tonight.  One, I worked some on Black Jack episode 50.  I will send this episode to quality check tomorrow.  Two, I made salsa from scratch.

P1010013sMy salsa recipe is very simple.

  • a whole bunch of tomatoes, finely diced/chopped
  • a bunch of cilantro
  • half of an white or yellow onion
  • a can of corn
  • some hot chili pepper to taste, finely chopped
  • a pinch of salt

Couple notes on that.  That’s the recipe I used tonight, but I forgot one ingredients.  I’m missing lime juice.  Yeah, I’m out of limes! Doh!  I sprinkled some red wine vinegar.  It gave a touch of sweetness, which actually went well with the chili pepper of choice for tonight – serrano pepper.  These tiny things have some serious fire.

So, tonight, I had pouring rain outside, and fire in my mouth for a while.  The salsa is still delicious.

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  • Chris says:

    Why would you post this? Are you trying to make people hungry? Mission accomplished, blog-bully. Remember: “With great power comes great responsibility. And when you eat great food, it is great success! Very niiiice.”

  • Lunatic_Sae says:

    Don’t forget to include pics. Posts regarding food require it! ^_^

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