In Japan Day 3 – The Railway Museum

June 25th, 2009 7:06 pm

This is our first tourist-like activity, one of the highlights for me – a trip to the Railway Musium.  I always loved trains ever since I was a baby.  The very first word I ever read, according to my mom, was “Asakaze,” which is the name of a train.  The musium was really made to please the true train fans.  The people who designed and built it must have been fans themselves.  Talking about it is pretty boring – I will post the photos later.  (I packed away the SD card reader in the other suit case which I shipped from the airport to my mom’s home.)  Evan and her 5-year old cousin, Kasumi, did enjoy the visit.  It might have been a bit too difficult for Kasumi.

After that came another feast.  10 of us went to a Japanese restaurant together.  Mmm, yum!  Sashimichawanmushi, kanimeshi (crab & rice), negitoro (spicy tuna & scallions), miso soup,tempura, etc, etc…  I can’t even remember everything that were on the table.  Evan enjoyed another round of fresh, raw fish.  Yes, more photos coming later.

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  • GIN says:

    Reading about the food makes me hungry. I think I will fall over when you post the photos! Good to know that you and family are having a wonderful time.

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