Day 7 – Fix-It day

June 29th, 2009 6:06 pm

Last time I visited home, I fixed the screen doors for them.  We realized how easy it was (both for them to ask me, and for me to actually do it), we decided to do more fix-ups this time.  Soon after I arrived here, we made a list of things they want me to fix.

Item #1 – overhead lighting in the living room – the pull-chord was getting stuck.  They were even thinking about replacing the unit.  We took the unit apart, did stuff… fixed!  That saved us some money.

Item #2 – they want to put some bamboo roll-up curtain on the balcony.  We bought 3 curtains, I put up one.  That’s when it started raining.  It’s the first rain since we’ve arrived in Japan.  We’ve been lucky so far that it hasn’t rained more, since Japan still is in the middle of a rainy season.

Item #3 – install a screen door on the front door.  I did manage to finish this one.  It did take several hours.  We did realize that we could have chosen better item.  But it’s installed, looking halfway decent…  we’re happy.

Item #4 – install a wireless LAN.  Finally an item that’s pretty easy.  We bought the router, set up the router, set the password, and all is set.  I’m finally writing this entry via wireless connection.

There are more to do around the house, but we’ll save that for another day.

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